Do I really need content?

Hello and welcome to the make money from anything blog!

In this blog i'm going to try the umpossible: To make a living online with no content. That means no blog posts, no original articles, no nothing.

All over the web you find the same regurgitated advice: "Content is king", "Google loves updates", "You only need make 1c per page, so slap a few 1,000's and
make 10 bucks a year!", etc, etc...

Doesn't work for me. And it should for you either. Why did you get into online moneymaking? to work like 16 hour a day to make like $0.005 an hour? I certainly didn't, again, that's just not for me. A lot of people like to blog about making money, specially those who enjoy doing seo research and theory, not me :].

So how does this work?, well, I'm trying to prove a point here, I'm going against some of the most recirculated "laws" on how to make money online. The only basic law here is that You need sales or clicks or whatever makes you money, to make a living online, And to get those clicks you need people who will buy or click or whatever. In today's internet, The only way people who buy/click/whatever will find your site is if it is on google's page 1 for a search term.

The only two ways to do that is either a lot of SEO, or a lot of money spent on adwords. I personally don't like the adwords route, you have to tweak and squeak you keywords and landing pages, so not for me :]

So seo it is!, this blog will live and flourish on the generosity of fellow online moneymakers, and a few trick I learned along the way.

So that's it for today (maybe forever), enjoy it, link to it, blog about it, use as instructional material or whatever.

This not-a-post was written on 9/9/09.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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